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About Us

The establishment of the New Brunswick Museum Network in 9 zones is the product of extensive consultations with representatives from the museum sector.  The actions that resulted from those meetings are in keeping, in spirit, with the concerns of the Cultural Policy for New Brunswick released in February 2002. In the final analysis, what concerns us is the access of citizens to preserve cultural heritage.

The development and strengthening of the museum network had to be combined with actions favouring the emergence and growth of museum institutions.  The programs offered by the Department of Wellness, Culture and Sport, Heritage Branch, encourage institutions to expand their areas of responsibility and to exercise, through research and the presentation of collections, an educational function vital to the cultural development of citizens of all ages and all circumstances, a function that enables them to appropriate or reappropriate objects by investing them with heritage value.

The model intend to foster the emergence of initiatives on the part of the players involved is adapted to the reality experienced by museums in this province while respecting their individual autonomy and prerogatives. The network model would help organizations to fulfil their mandate more adequately, and joined together in an effort to achieve complementarities.