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Address : 131, Pleasant street, suite 200 Grand-Falls, New Brunswick Canada E3Z 1G6
Phone : (506) 475-7777
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Situated in mid-western New Brunswick, the Grand Falls Region is within ready access to Atlantic Canada and Central Canada, as well to the New England States. The town of Grand Falls is the center of economic activity for the region which encompasses eight communities and a population of approximately 30 000 within a radius of 30 km. The region contains valleys, high plateaus, two great rivers, and countless streams and lakes.

Nestled on both sides of the Gorge, Grand falls is an agro-industrial community, the only town in Canada with a name in both official languages Grand Falls / Grand-Sault. The town was named Grand Falls because of the largest waterfall east of Niagara Falls, dropping from a height of 23 meters (75 feet).

Grand Falls is a safe, family-oriented community, recognized for its high quality of life and its progressive outlook. A commitment to providing the best in service and amenities attracts many visitors year-round. Our rich surroundings of green forests, tranquil rivers and our spectacular falls provide a unique setting for residents and guests alike.

Situated on the Maine U.S.A. border and 85 km (50 miles) from the Quebec border, we take great pride in the harmony that exists between cultures and the fact that the vast majority of our citizens are fluently bilingual.

Grand Falls is in part an agricultural town, as well as being a commercial and manufacturing center. The potato crop features largely into the local economy. The fields of potato, wheat and clover create a picturesque scene of rolling hills, a patchwork of colours. The surrounding rural landscape with rivers running through, provide visitors with a truly memorable visual experience.